The IT Days in Cameroon : The history

About 400 people were reflecting on the theme « Gold mines in ICT  » –  » Opportunity GDP growth in the digital economy . »  under Minister of Post and Telecoms patronage.

Menu of activities were advertised workshops that aimed to deepen exchanges around e- applications such as e- gamification , e- marketing, e -health , e- transportation …

As innovation , it was announced this year the implementation of the concepts  » Hack4Africa 3.0  » , first Hackathon in Cameroon  » Entrepreneurship Venture Day – Drink & Talk  » for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in Africa  » Entrepreneurship Venture Day – Drink & Talk » for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in Africa. Leadership training , CSR and Ethics under the concept  » TipInBiz  » The digital and woman for Africa Award are also on the program .

ICT days were annual conferences – debates on ICT organized by ICT4MDG in partnership with Evolving Consulting. Created in 2010 by Queen Essobmadje , their goal is to galvanize the use of technology for inclusive development in Africa.

However , no return media is out of this hackathon . We would be happy to inform you about the progress, what’s they are talk in about this hackathon.

Photo Finish

The @evolvingcons 2013 African Digital Woman of the Year Award is destined for a woman, who lives and/or works in Africa and distinguishes herself through leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship, social-focus and/or innovative discoveries, and who is positively impacting our society.


Patron by Dr Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General of ITU, 3 women are in competition:

According to the judges , the finalists were all worthy of the price , but he went to Dr. Dorothy Okello .


Price Digital African Woman of the Year Award to Dr. Dorothy Dorothy Okello Okello.Le is a Ugandan engineer, known for her work in the Women of Uganda Network or WOUGNET . According to the Web of Women of Uganda Network ( WOUGNET ) site, the network is launched in May 2000 by several women’s organizations in Uganda non- governmental organization to develop the use of information technology and communication (ICT) among women as tools to share information issues and resolve collectively.

WOUGNET mission is to promote and support the use of ICTs by women and women’s organizations in Uganda , so that they can take advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT to effectively respond to national and local problems of sustainable development.